Simple SEO
Learn about SEO and Website Optimization for only $20/month
Not ready to hire someone to manage your website?  Not showing up on the first page of Google?

This program is for you!

What do you get?

Weekly Facebook Live
Each week Sami will go Live on Facebook to teach you about how to utilize SEO on your website.  We’ll focus on local search optimization and give you actionable items you can implement on your own!
Monthly Group Coaching

Every month you’ll have the opportunity to submit your questions on all thing SEO and we’ll discuss as a group.

Private Facebook Group
We’ll bring in other experts to talk about their experience with SEO, web development and more.
Networking Opportunities

Small business owners and solopreneurs like you are in this group.  Learn from their successes and brainstorm ideas with other people in your same boat.

Join now and get 30-days FREE risk free

We believe that you’ll get a ton of information from our group, but should you not be happy with your purchase we’ll refund you, no questions asked! 

Who is perfect for this program?

Business owners who don't know what SEO means

Businesses trying to rank on the first page of Google

Local business that want to connect to other local business and network

Marketing managers of small businesses that don't have experience with SEO

Questins about our program?

Get in touch.

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