Circle M Farms Worm Castings

Circle M Farms Worm Castings

Circle M Farms Worm Castings

Circle M worm Castings Home Page

Circle M Worm Castings is a family run business based in Ontario, Oregon.  They produce organic worm castings to be used both commercially and in residential homes. Their existing website was dark and not easy to navigate.  They also wanted to see more examples of the different uses for their product.

We worked closely with their team to discuss messaging and goals for the business and website.  They needed a website that could convey both sides of the business.  We created a grid to show off each of the different categories and information on each of those pages to define how worm castings can be used.  Each box represents a different category; house plants, home garden, lawn, cannabis, vineyards, berries, and hops

Circle M Worm Castings Product Page

Each page on the website gives information on a particular use and provides value to the end user and commercial growers.  We also created an interactive map on their contact page so customers could see if there was a garden center in their area selling their product.  The website is visually appealing and easy to navigate and allows the user to explore the areas they are interested in and ignore the rest.

Additional Work

We have also continued to work with Circle M Farms Worm Castings on social media strategy, email campaigns and content writing.

Visit the Circle M Farms Worm Castings site.

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