Become a WordPress Wizard With Divi Beta Course


Started your website on your own and found it’s not as easy as it sounds?

Become a WordPress Wizard with Divi!

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Week 1 : Set Your Tech and Branding

Set up your domain and hosting. You’ll also set up WordPress and Divi.  We’ll go through some basic settings for your website as well as set up your branding elements.

Week 2 : Set Goals And Start Designing

Knowing what you want your website to accomplish is really important!  You wouldn’t send out a sales person without training and understanding of the business, so why would you do that with your website?  Once you have your foundation, we’ll create your sitemap and start laying out the content necessary for your site.

Bonuses: Hosting Comparison Worksheet, Ideal Customer Avatar Workbook

Week 3 : Defining your CTA and an Overview of Divi

What action do you want your visitors to take.  This should be front and center on your website.  We’ll also go through the basics of Divi and how to find what you need.

Bonuses: What to put in your Footer (legal documents, local search, etc)

Week 4 : Let’s get to Building

Time to start building your website.  We’ll line out both the homepage as well as interior pages this week.

Bonus: Individual videos showcasing what each module does and how to utilize it.

Week 5 : Forms and Email

Understanding what information you need from your clients/customers.  We’ll walk through how to create custom forms through Divi.  We’ll also work through the Bloom plugin to create automation and email opt-ins.  Don’t have an email provider?  We have the bonus for you:

Bonus: Email service provider comparison.

Week 6 : Content Creation

Your blog is a powerful resource.  But there are definitely some things that come with setting it up.  We’ll cover how to set it up as well as some basics for creating blog posts that satisfy both your customers and Google.

Week 7 : Plugins and Testing

We are to the point where it’s almost time to launch! So let’s get the plugins in that we find essential, as well as start the testing process of our website.

Week 8 : Analytics and Launch

Time to set up your analytics.  If you know who’s visiting your website, and what actions they’re taking, then you can’t make edits, changes and grow your business.  We’ll also walk you through the steps to launch.

Bonus: Launch Checklist and our Essential Plugin Guide

Additional Bonuses

Once the 8-week session is done, we’ll also share with you two SEO guides to get your website on it’s way to the 1st page of Google!  Plus the group will stay open till June to keep working with you along the way.

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