How to Use Live Video for Nonprofits: Boost Engagement

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Digital marketing’s breakneck speed demands that nonprofits concoct imaginative tactics to mobilize their audience and advance their goals – the margin between success and obscurity is razor-thin. Recently emerging as potent aid is live video usage which dramatically enhances efforts in spreading awareness while nurturing both trust & unity within communities backing them up

For nonprofits looking to build strong connections through honest dialogue with their audience right away there’s nothing quite like live video! They can present what they’re achieving at the moment vividly while inspiring support through heartfelt storytelling

In this blog post, we show how nonprofits can use live video to boost their marketing and reach their goals. From picking the best platforms to using smart strategies, you’ll get all the tips and tools needed to become a pro at live video for your nonprofit.


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In the realm of nonprofits, live video spells opportunity – a chance to stir emotions, mobilize supporters, and make a lasting imprint on the world.

Whether you’re a seasoned nonprofit pro or just starting out, incorporating live video can take your organization to the next level. Build strong relationships by directly engaging with your audience, and educate them about your mission. Trust naturally follows when people feel connected to your cause.

It’s about time, not timing: people want genuine interactions that unfold organically. Forget about scripted demos or staged presentations. With live video, you can invite your audience into your daily grind and show them the genuine article. No pretenses, noscripts – just you, being you.

Adapting to the Post-COVID Landscape

With the onset of COVID-19, nonprofits had to find fresh ways to engage their followers. Turning to live video became a popular method for many organizations wanting to maintain that connection.

Nonprofits are finding that live video has become a vital lifeline in the post-COVID era. It allows you to host virtual events, Q&A sessions, and behind-the-scenes tours, all from the safety of your own home or office.

Enhancing Trust and Authenticity through Live Video

The beauty of using live video lies in its ability to foster trust and authenticity with viewers. By hitting “go live”, you signal to your audience that real people are behind the scenes, passionate about what they do.

With live video, you get to share with your supporters the immediate impact of their contributions. Give them a virtual tour of what you’re doing on-site, meet some folks who benefit directly from those funds, and see firsthand how every bit helps out.

Choosing the Right Live Video Platforms

The world of live video offers numerous options, but don’t let it stress you out. Focus on selecting a platform that meets both your nonprofits objectives and connects effectively with your audience.

Social Media Platforms for Live Streaming

For nonprofits aiming to connect widely through live videos, social media giants such as Facebook, Instagram, and X are ideal choices. One of the biggest perks of live streaming on certain platforms is the built-in community that comes with it. With an instant audience at your fingertips, sharing your live streams has never been easier – or more effective at drawing in those all-important views.

The nonprofit sector has found a favorite in Facebook Live. In fact, according to Facebook’s data, these live broadcasts receive sixfold the interactions compared to normal videos.

Webinars and Virtual Events

For those aiming to hold more formal live video sessions such as webinars or virtual conferences, specialized platforms exist. One favorite among nonprofits hosting virtual events is Zoom.

If you’re looking into virtual events, consider using platforms such as GoToWebinar, WebEx, or Zoom. They offer tools like sign-up forms, reminder emails before the event starts, and detailed reports afterward so you can measure how successful your live video was.

Strategies for Engaging Your Audience with Live Video

Once you’ve settled on a live video platform, the next step is figuring out how to keep your audience entertained and eager for future content.

Collaborating with Guests and Influencers

Featuring special guests in your live videos is super effective. Imagine having an industry guru, a famous advocate, or even one of your program’s success stories join the conversation it makes for compelling content that grabs attention.

Having someone join as a guest during your live video can expand your reach by attracting new viewers who might not have found you otherwise. Your regular audience will appreciate the variety and stay engaged too.

Encouraging Interaction and Participation

Another key to engaging your audience with live video is to encourage interaction and participation. This could be as simple as asking viewers to leave comments or questions in the chat, or as involved as hosting a live Q&A session.

Supercharge your fundraising efforts with the electrifying energy of live video competitions – your supporters will love the thrill of it all! Encourage them to share personal anecdotes or images connected with your work, and spotlight the standout contributions in an upcoming stream.

Providing Value and Exclusive Content

Your audience will appreciate it if you add special touches to your live videos by offering something exclusive. Go beyond the surface level and let your audience in on the action. Share early access to campaigns, and hold events like live auctions and charity drives that get everyone invested in the excitement.

If you want more engagement from your audience during live videos, provide unique insights or information that’s hard to come by otherwise. Valuing your audience is a no-brainer – it converts them into die-hard fans who’ll champion your nonprofit’s cause to anyone who’ll listen.

Repurposing Live Video Content

One of the best things about live video is that it’s not just a single-use experience. When you freshen up your content, you can give it a whole new lease on life. This can help you connect with even more people who might have missed it the first time around.

Save those awesome moments from your live videos by downloading and uploading them straight onto websites like yours or even onto a YouTube channel where folks can watch whenever they want. For an extra touch, edit some sections into short snippets which you can then spread around via social media posts and email blasts.

If you convert your live videos to text format as blog posts or articles, you’ll find it easier to attract new readers while giving existing followers fresh ways to engage with the material.

Best Practices for Nonprofit Live Video

Nailing a successful live video involves sticking to some tried-and-true strategies and pointers.

Planning and Preparation

Before anything else, get organized by planning your live videos ahead of time. Know what you want to achieve with each video, have an agenda laid out, and ensure all necessary gear is on hand.

Boost interest in your live videos by spreading the word beforehand. Create an event on Facebook, shoot out reminder emails, or invest in social media ads to reach more viewers.

Technical Considerations and Setup

Thinking of doing some live streaming? Make sure you’ve got these basics covered first: reliable internet, good lighting that highlights you well, and crisp audio so viewers don’t miss any details.

Doing a test run before your live video is smart. It helps you catch and fix any issues ahead of time, making sure the actual event goes off without a hitch.

Measuring and Analyzing Performance

Make sure you’re keeping an eye on the performance of your live videos. Track things like how many people watch them, how they interact with the content, and whether they’re leading to any conversions. Don’t let these lessons go to waste – apply them to your approach and watch your progress soar.

With live video streaming, you’re not just broadcasting content – you’re also getting a wealth of data that helps you understand what works and what doesn’t. For more detailed data, check out Google Analytics it helps see the impact on web traffic and conversion rates from those videos.

Dynamic Ways to Harness Live Video for Fundraising Success

Live videos offer a unique (although I was instructed not to use that word, I got special permission to make an exception this one time!) opportunity to turn your message into a personal, one-on-one conversation – even if you’re speaking to a huge crowd. They don’t just boost engagement they’re incredible at helping nonprofits gather donations too. Let’s look at some imaginative ways you can utilize this medium for fundraising purposes:

  1. Host a live auction or raffle, where viewers can bid on items or purchase tickets in real-time.
  2. Partner with a local business or restaurant to host a live fundraising event, where a portion of the proceeds go to your nonprofit.
  3. Create a live video challenge or contest, where supporters can donate to participate or vote for their favorite entries.
  4. Host a live Q&A or interview with a major donor or supporter, and encourage viewers to make a donation during the event.
  5. Use live video to give supporters a behind-the-scenes look at your programs and services, and include a donation call-to-action at the end of the video.

You can do so much with live video in terms of fundraising. Think outside the box to inspire your backers to open their wallets wider. Experiment with fresh ideas and make giving a thrilling experience.

Key Takeaway: 

Skip the script and show your audience what’s really going on behind the scenes. By featuring real people doing real work in your live videos, you’ll build trust and establish a genuine connection with your viewers – no fancy editing required.

FAQs in Relation to How to Use Live Video for Nonprofits

How to make a video for a non-profit organization?

Think of making a video like planning a Facebook event – it takes a clear goal, a solid script, and some planning to ensure your message reaches your audience. Craft content that truly reflects your nonprofit’s purpose, set up a simple live video studio, and tweak your video to make it captivating.

Nonprofits often ask: what’s the best way to harness the power of social media for our cause?

Create videos that share impact with a direct ask at the end. Create a combination of content that shares the value you provide, the problem you solve, and the ways people can engage with you.

How to do a livestream fundraiser?

Start with what your audience feels comfortable with. It could be a Facebook live or a Zoom live. There are also a lot of bigger platforms specifically for live auctions if your audience and income options are large enough.


For nonprofits, live video has become a crucial component in making a real difference in the digital landscape. Picture this: your nonprofit, equipped with the power to inspire, educate, and mobilize supporters through live video. It’s a force that can drive real change, amplify your message, and leave a lasting impact.

From virtual events and behind-the-scenes content to interviews and Q&A sessions, the applications of live video are vast and varied. To really connect with their audience, nonprofits need to try out different formats and platforms – and then seize on the one that aligns perfectly with their mission.

The secret sauce for acing live video lies in thoughtful preparation, honest narratives, and accepting its unfiltered charm. Authentic nonprofits that make the most of live video can create a lasting impact that resonates with their audience.

Whether you’re managing a tiny local team or directing operations on an international scale, embracing live video right now could revolutionize how you market yourself. With well-thought-out plans and true commitment to what matters most in your work, there’s so much potential waiting for you.

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