How to Share Emotion In Your Content

Messaging is a critical element in the success of your marketing. When you connect the right message with the right donor you see conversions. While this is easier when you’re having one-on-one conversations, it can be trickier to do this at scale. Here are a few tips to keep handy when you are creating content that connects on an emotional level with readers.

Put Yourself in Your Audience’s Shoes

It all starts with knowing who your ideal donor is. What are their motivations? Why do they give? What are their concerns? Creating your donor avatar will help you write your content in a more personal way. When you write, pretend you’re writing directly to them.

You may have multiple donor avatars, and that’s ok. For example, your monthly donor avatar might be different from your corporate sponsor from your major donors. When it comes to creating content you will want to have a variety that speaks to different audiences.

This also comes into play when you’re crafting social media posts, email newsletters, or any other type of mass communication. Being specific in who you talk to and hitting them where they are hanging out will make your content more successful.

Craft Compelling Stories

Stories are a big part of effective marketing. They help you connect to your audience and are a much better way to communicate the incredible work you’re doing vs spouting stats and data. People also remember stories much more.

Start collecting stories from those you serve. Share the reasons board members joined your organization. Interview sponsors on how they engage with their entire team to rally for your organization. 

These stories can be in a variety of ways. You can write them down and use them as a blog. Record a video interview via Zoom. Cut up highlights to use as Reels or TikToks. Seriously consider how video will be used as it connects with viewers even faster.

Get Personal with Language

You definitely want to sound professional. Building trust with your audience is critical after all. However, when you use language that’s in first-person it feels more like you’re having a conversation with them rather then speaking at them. 

Use ‘we’ or ‘us’ instead of ‘the organization’ or ‘the nonprofit.’ Bring them in and make them feel like they are a part of your team. Which one feels more welcoming?

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Reinforce Shared Values

Donors that are in alignment with your values will stick around longer and be more engaged with your organization. It is important that you consistently share your values in your content. Remind people whey they are connected to your organization.

Craft social media posts that highlight the different values of your organization. Build in your values to your website language. Write blog posts featuring the core elements of your organization for easy reference. 

Don’t forget, sharing your values with stores helps!

Be vulnerable

Building trust is crucial, and you can do that more easily by being honest and transparent. No doubt during the growth of your oganization you’ve had ups and downs. Thoughtfully sharing where you’re at with your community can rally their support around you. It also shows authenticity and that you are open with your communication.

While you don’t want to be out there talking about all the struggles you’re having, instead, share stories about obstacles you faced and how you’ve been working through them. Or, share the solution you’re working towards and ask how people can help you fill that gap. It helps your community feel as though they are a part of the solution and your organization.


Being emotional, open and honest with your community helps drive deeper connection. Those connections keep donors coming back to support you again and again. Think about these tips and how you can connect in a deeper way. 

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