Get More Traffic to Your Donation Page

Your donation page is a frictionless way for people to give to your organization anywhere at any time. Simply having a giving page on your website isn’t enough to get website visitors to take action. If you want ideas for how to best utilize your donation page, make sure to check out episodes 206 – 209 of the Digital Marketing Therapy podcast.

This blog post will give you ideas for how you can drive more website traffic to your donation page!

Add it to your main menu navigation

Putting it in your main menu navigation makes it easy for people to find it whether it is their first time visiting your website, or they are a repeat visitor. Put it on the far right of your navigation. As a best practice, the outside elements of your menu navigation are where the eye goes first.

Pro tip: put a color behind “donate” in your menu navigation. That will make it pop even more and draw peoples’ eyes there.

Add it to your footer

Your footer isn’t just the place for your contact information. It is also a place for people to go to get all the quick links and acces they need. Make sure you have it clear and obvious for people to click on.

Pro tip: put it next to seals from platforms like GuideStar that give build trust with your fiscal responsibility.

Use it as a Call-To-Action in Your Long Form Content

Hopefully you’re creating content on a regular basis. It could be a blog, YouTube video, podcast, etc. While the content itself isn’t promoting giving it is totally acceptable to have a button, link, or call out your donation page. Try something like, “if you have learned something from this podcast, consider contributing to our organization so we can support more families.”

Pro tip: create a graphic that you can use on your blog posts so you don’t have to recreate the wheel each time. Use it at the bottom of your posts or in the middle if it’s a longer piece of content.

Add it to your events page

Your events are super important for raising funds but also building relationships with your donors. While the priority for the events page on your website is to give people information on the event, get sponsors and sell tickets, not everyone that lands on that is going to be able to attend. Try adding language at the bottom that gives those people an opportunity to still contribute. That could look like inviting them to give, with a link to your donation page. Or you could drive them to your online auction page if you have one.

Share it on you social media profiles

The name of the game is making it easy to find so people can give in the moment they are ready to. Use you donate page link in all your profiles of your social media platforms. That way people can see it easily. You could also create a great pinned post that shares the overall impact of your organization and giving levels.

Include it in the footer of your email newsletters

While we don’t want all our emails to be an ask that doesn’t mean that you can’t have an option for people to still give. Having a button that is in your email footer just makes it easy for people to find it…yet again! If you’re sharing your impact in your emails regularly you never know what stories will encourage your readers to give.

Make sure the URL is easy to say

If you have a really long URL for your donation page than it’s hard to rattle off or for people to remember. If you’re meeting one on one or live on video then having an easy URL helps. There are lots of tools you can use to create a different URL for your donation page. Make it easy like so people can remember it.


The more you talk about your donation page the more traffic you’ll drive to it and the more money you’ll raise. Its all about making a conscious choice to have it in as many places as possible.

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