Creative Ideas for a Paid Newsletter

Email marketing is a great asset to your organization and has the highest ROI of anything in the digital marketing space. Imagine what you could do with a premium or paid newsletter. It’s a great way to generate income on a regular basis and provide tremendous value to your audience. It’s also a great way for people to engage with your organization and learn more about what you do and potentially become donors in the future.

What Should You Consider Before Starting a Paid Newsletter?

There are a few things that need to be considered in order to have a successful paid newsletter.


How often are you going to send out this newsletter? Once you start you’ll want to make sure you can be consistent with the execution. Remember that subscribers are paying to get the content so you’ll need to make sure you can deliver. How often you publish is totally up to you. Monthly would allow for more engagement with your subscribers but would be more work. It is not recommended to do it less than quarterly.

Tech and SignUps

How are you going to deliver the newsletter and take their money? This isn’t as complicated as it sounds. If you’re already using an email marketing platform like ConvertKit* then you can probably do it all in there. It’s just about creating a separate tag or segment to make it easy to keep track of. As far as sign ups go, create an recurring donation page on your website specifically for this paid newsletter.

The point is – use the tech that you already have. You don’t need anything new and fancy to make this happen.

Create a Brand and Unique Experience

Your premium newsletter, like your monthly giving program, allows subscribers to feel special and part of a community. Name your newsletter and create a new layout so those that subscribe can identify it easily. You don’t have to go too crazy here, keep it simple. Use a different primary color from your brand colors you already have.

Determine your Price Point

Your price will want to take into consideration:

🔹 value you provide in the newsletter.
🔹 how often you plan to publish.
🔹 any other features and benefits like discount codes or coupons that only subscribers receive.

Newsletters can go from a few dollars a month all the way up to thousands of dollars! However, on average they range from $10-$15/month. You might always want to consider an annual option.

When considering pricing, also think about introductory offers so you can get people in to try it out!

What Content Could You Put in Your Newsletter

All these considerations are great – but what do you put in the darn thing! Here are a few ideas for your newsletter. You could feature just one or create a combination of them.

🔹 Trends

Let’s say you’re a research organization. Providing trends in a regular email that people want to know about is great. Give them insights into the industry and new relevant information all in one convenient place. Become the go to place for resources and the expert.

🔹 Guides and Tutorials

Giving people information they can use on the regular is a great added benefit. For example, if you provide support for kids and mental health maybe you offer additional resources they can use for support at home. Or, if you’re pet adoption organization, it might be training tips or pet health resources. You might also include activities that people can do at home.

🔹 Insider Access

This can include a wide variety of elements. Discounts to your sponsors businesses, early acces or discounts to your events or services, etc. You could also create exclusive access to people on your team for Q&A sessions or experts in the field you work with. These could be live in person, virtual or pre-recorded sessions.

🔹 Daily Inspiration

These can be quick and short notes that relate to your orgnization and provide inspiration to your audience. Words of motivation, stories from your community, activities they can take daily to make an impact on your area of service.

🔹 Regular Tips

Let’s say you are providing meals kids. Your premium newsletter could include cost saving tips for creating healthy meals at home. Or maybe it’s seasonal recipies for your area so families can eat healthier, support local families and have meal ideas. You could market it as a way for family to cut back on their food expenses while also helping to provide food for other families.


A paid newsletter can be a great way for you to connect more with your audience, while generating income for your organization. Make sure you keep it in line with the values and goals of your organization. That way there is a natural tie in to larger gifts. Also remember to have fun with it! Get personal and connect with your subscribers.

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