Customized Marketing Strategies

We provide personalized digital marketing strategies for each business we work with. 

From social media to content to SEO, and more – we are here to support you and your goals.

Social Media Consulter at H and E Marketing Solutions

Social Media is always changing.  How can you keep up with all the changes and know where you should be focusing your efforts?  Should you be on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, AHHH!  So many decision to make.

Building your social media strategy takes keeping up with trends and best practices.  Our team pays attention to the new platforms, changes to the old ones and make sure that the word we do for your business is done right.


Email Marketing for H and E Marketing Solutions

Who says email is dead?  Of all the digital marketing strategies you can do email has the highest ROI and is great for staying top of mind with current and potential customers.

We can help you set up an email campaign to help communicate with your clients and future customers.  Regularly communicating with your list helps keep them up to date on new products, services, behind the scenes info and so much more.

Don’t have a list?  That’s fine too.  We can work with you on growing your list through social media, lead magnets on your website and getting email addresses from people attending your events.

content strategy with h and e marketing solutions

Do you have a defined content strategy for your business?  Do you know what kinds of content your business needs?  You might think that you have to have a blog, produce high end videos, get photos taken all the time, just in order to keep up with your competitors.  That is just not the case.

Let us walk through your business goals with you and see what content strategies make the most sense for your business, story and personality.


branding and h and e marketing solutions

You’ll hear us say this over and over, consistency is key and quality over quantity.  Maybe you feel like your website just doesn’t have a consistent look and feel.  Maybe your logo needs a refresh.  Maybe you’ve started putting together your additional campaigns on Facebook and email but you just can’t make them have the same look.

Branding is so important and helps people identify who you are and what you’re about.  Whether it’s business cards or sales flyers we can help create all the materials you need to take your business to the next level.

Because this is such a personal part of you business we recommend scheduling a call so we can discuss your individual needs.

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