Beyond Logos: Creative Sponsorship Marketing Ideas to Showcase Your Sponsors

Beyond Logos: Creative Sponsorship Marketing Ideas to Showcase Your Sponsors

Beyond Logos: Creative Sponsorship Marketing Ideas to Showcase Your Sponsors

Sponsorship is a part of every nonprofit organization. It could be in relationship to an event, program or service or annual support from a corporation for you operation expenses.

With any sponsorship agreement, there is an exchange of marketing by the organization for the dollars. The obvious is logo placement on your website and at the event or program, but there are other creative ways you can increase exposure, and from that increase the value and cost of your sponsorship packages.

Here are some unique sponsorship marketing ideas to feature your sponsors:

Customized Social Media Campaigns

Social media is a great platform to promote your sponsors. You can create customized social media campaigns that showcase your sponsors in a unique and engaging way. For example, you can create a “sponsor spotlight” series that features one sponsor every week or highlight their products in your social media posts.

In the reverse, you can create graphics and copy for sponsors to share on their feeds showcasing their support for your organization. By making it easy for them to share it increases the likelihood that they’ll actually share it.

Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is another excellent way to showcase your sponsors. This can be a one-off element or something that adds value to your sponsor package. 

Sponsored content looks like a dedicated blog post or video, static social media posts or short form video, or a guest podcast or YouTube video that features them. Ensure that the content is on brand and that messaging aligns with your organization. 

Event Activation

If you’re hosting an event, make sure to create activations that feature your sponsors. For example, you can create a photo booth with your sponsor’s logo in the background or create a product sampling station. Make sure the activations are fun, interactive, and align with your sponsor’s brand values.

This is a great opportunity to get really creative. Some fun unique ideas include; VR experiences where people can experience something about that brand, live performaces that allow members from that company to introduce, perform with, or engage from the stage, or branded games like corn hole or darts that have the sponsors logo all over them.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a popular sponsorship marketing idea that can help you reach a wider audience. Partner with influencers who align with your sponsor’s brand values and have a significant following. You can create sponsored content with the influencers or have them promote your sponsor’s products on their social media channels.

Working with micro-influencers that align with your mission can also be really impactful. Remember its not about having the biggest following that matters, its about someone that aligns so that their audience will care about what you’re trying to do.

Bring in your corporate sponsors by allowing them to engage with the influencer as well for an added benefit.

Customized Sponsorship Packages

Creating customized sponsorship packages is an effective way to feature your sponsors. Instead of offering standard sponsorship packages, create customized packages that align with your sponsor’s goals and objectives. This is great for higher priced packages and making your sponsors the VIP. Or if you’re trying to create an annual sponsorship that includes multiple events and programs.

For example, you can offer a package that includes social media promotion, sponsored content, and event activations. Pay attention to what they value and get creative! We don’t recommend doing this for too many sponsors as it can be hard to track and manage. You know who the right partners are for something like this.

Brand Integration

Integrating your sponsor’s brand into your products or services is another great way to showcase your sponsor. For example, if you’re a food company, you can create a signature dish that includes your sponsor’s product. Or if you’re an after school program use sponsor branded folders, pens and other office supplies.

Another great idea could be branding a special newsletter that has tips and resources. Let’s say you’re a music program and you have a local music store as a sponsor. You could send out a monthly newsletter that has a tip for your students and it is always branded with that local store.


Featuring your sponsors in your marketing campaigns is essential to creating win-win partnerships. Try these creative sponsorship marketing ideas to stand out and create memorable campaigns. Remember to always align your marketing efforts with your sponsor’s brand values and goals.

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