8 Ways AI Can Help You Create Better, More Engaging Content

This blog post was written with the support of Tailwind’s AI Lab. It helped generate the outline and I wrote out the details. 

Creating content that is high-quality and executed consistently can be difficult. It takes time to produce and ensure that it is providing value to your audience and generating results for your organization. Using AI can help you streamline some of the process, however it isn’t a copy paste situation. For example, AI helped me generate this blog post, but this introduction is all my own words.

Generating Headlines with AI

Your headline is what encourages people to read your content. Similarly to your email subject line, your headline is crucial. If they don’t think the content will be valuable to them they won’t even click in to see your hard work.

There are two ways you can approach this. The first is write the post first and ask AI to generate headlines from that post you’ve already written. The second is to use AI to help you come up with ideas.

Prompt tip #1Write me 10 blog headlines that can teach small to medium sized nonprofits how to use AI with their content marketing.

When you have multiple ideas generated it makes it easier to pick the one that you think would fit with your ideal audience. Remember to still make it your own!

Prompt tip #2: Take the following text and generate 10 headlines for it for a blog post. Use the keyword ‘AI and content marketing’ 

Identifying Relevant Topics and Keywords

Your content only makes an impact if it connects with your audience. AI can help you find the right topics and keywords people will get excited about. They can also analyze the content you’ve already created and help you bake it even better.

Prompt tip #1: Our target audience is nonprofit executives with budgets under $1 million. They are struggling with time management and consistency in funding. What topics would be helpful?

Prompt tip#2: Analyze these blog posts and give me 5-10 topics a nonprofit leader would also be interested in.

In this case you’ll want to include the text from some of your top performing pieces of content.

Creating Unique Content with AI

The more specific you get with your prompts the easier it will be to use AI to create ideas that are uniquely yours. It’s important to have your ideal audience, voice and goals in mind as you create your prompts.

Unique content will help you stand out amongst other nonprofits that are doing similar work and keep you front and center as a thought leader and/or expert in your cause. It will also be more engaging because it will speak to your your audience. It will also make it easier to edit because it will already be in your voice.

Prompt tip: Create a blog post about using AI to help with content creation. Write it in a funny tone that makes it easy for small-medium sized nonprofit leaders to understand. Write at least 1,000 words. Create subsections followed by text. Make sure to use the keywords ‘ai for nonprofits’ ‘content marketing made easier by ai’ and ‘using ai at my nonprofit’ 

Optimizing Content for SEO with AI

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) heps you get more visibility for your content organically. AI can help you optimize it! A few ways you can do this are having it write your meta descriptions and titles. You can also help it write your schema markup. Schema gives search engines more information about the type of information your content is. For example, if you have recipes or need to highlight authors. AI can help you generate the code to add to your website.

Prompt tip #1: Generate schema markup for this blog post

Prompt tip #2: Give me a keyword, meta description and title for this blog post

Maximizing Readability with AI

Readability is in important factor to people engaging more with your content. This includes how its formatted, the language, sentence structure, etc. It also relates to grammar and spelling. There are several tools out there that can help you with this but AI can do it all in one quick review! 

Prompt tip #1: Read this post and check it for readibility issues. This post is targetd to small-medium sized nonprofuts and should have a casual voice.

Personalizing Content with AI

With the ability to create content at lightning speed, automated content creation has revolutionized the way we produce and deliver content. However, one of the biggest criticisms of this approach is that the content can feel impersonal and robotic. This is where AI-powered content personalization comes in. By leveraging data about your audience’s preferences and behavior, AI enables you to tailor your content to their specific interests, making it more engaging and relevant.

Personalized content is not only more engaging but also more effective in building a stronger relationship with your audience. By demonstrating that you understand their needs and interests, you can build trust and loyalty. Additionally, personalized content can lead to increased conversions and sales.

We especially like taking topics that are for your broad audience and customizing it for their particular pain point. For example, you could take one topic, tips for adopting a dog, and quickly turn it into multiple pieces of content.

Tips for adopting small dogs.
Tips for adopting big dogs.
Tips for bringing a dog into a house with kids.
Tips for bringing a dog into a house with other pets. 
How to determine the right dog breed for you.

We could go on and on, but I think you get the idea.

Prompt tip #1: Write a blog post that gives someone information. on pet adoption. They want a dog that is a small breed and perfect for their small children at home. They don’t have a big yard and are nervous about having to burn too much energy.

Prompt tip #2: Write a similar blog post to this. Instead, the audience is a single person in their late 20s looking for a dog companion to take out on hikes and share in their active lifestyle.

Enhancing Visual Appeal with AI

Not AI can generate visuals, but many do! This means it is easier than ever to get the perfect images that you need to go alongside your content.

You can also ask AI to give you branding ideas by sharing information about your target audience with it. If you’re working on a rebrand, or just starting out, this can be a great place to start.

Prompt tip #1: Our audience is single moms looking for affordable after school activities for their elementary aged kids. What types of colors and fonts would appeal to this demographic, build trust and help them feel leaving their kids with us?

Prompt tip #2: Our upcoming fundraising campaign is raising funds for a STEM based afterschool program for elementary aged kids. Give me images with 3-5 students. 

Improving Content Distribution with AI

Use AI to research what platforms your ideal audience is most active on. You can then utilize it to tell you what types of content and time of day are best to share on those platforms. Finally, it can help you generate social media posts that are platform specific from your bog posts. Getting more visibility for your content is key!

Prompt tip #1: Create 3 Instagram posts with at least 10 hashtags each for this blog post.

Prompt tip #2: Our audience is men, 25-40, that are interested in mentoring elementary kids active in basketball. What social media platforms would be best to reach them?


By incorporating AI in your content strategy you can have a win-win. You can get more content out there while also being able to personalize it and better connect with your audience. Time to get out there, practice using it and give it a try!


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