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H & E Marketing Solutions provides digital marketing strategies to grow your business.
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We offer both custom one-on-one consulting and educational workshops

H & E Marketing Solutions believes in the power of small business.  So whether you are an established business wanting to take your digital marketing to the next level, or starting out and just needing help with learning digital strategies that can grow your business, we have packages and solutions to fit your budget.


You might be a one-person shop or have a small team, but you probably don’t have someone dedicated to your marketing.  The simple act of keeping up with digital marketing trends alone is overwhelming.  We stay on top of trends and create workshops for you to educate and help you implement in your business. 

Custom Websites

Your website is the first impression potential clients have of your business and the information there is what keeps them coming back for more! Let us help you create a custom website to help you get more leads and grow the visibility of your business.  All our websites are built in WordPress and we train you to be able to make changes to your site when you need.

One-on-One Consulting

Need help managing your digital marketing? Chat with Sami and share your pain points, goals and story to determine the right strategy uniquely fit for your small business. We will create an individualized plan made just for you.  From email marketing to content creationg to social media strateging there is nothing cookie cutter here.

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  Creating an email campaign for your business will go a long way to helping you grow your business, staying top of mind, and increasing revenue for your business.  So how do you go about getting started?  We're laying out a 6-step process to get you going and on your...

Building Partnerships to Grow your Business

  Building a business is hard work.  You not only have to develop your business products or services, manage your team, and finances, you also have to market them and get people to know they exist. It can be overwhelming to think about all the outlets you can showcase...

Creating Your Voice

  Branding is a key element of your business.  Having the same colors, fonts, and copy across all channels you use for marketing helps people recognize what you're doing and increase brand awareness.  It also allows you to let your personality shine and allow people...

How a Membership Program can Scale your Business

  Generating an opportunity for your business to create recurring income can be a great way to help grow your business.  Think about it, what if you knew you had your customers coming back every month and paying for your services.  There are so many membership...

Intro to Email Marketing

 Do you use email marketing for your business?  If you aren't then you really should be!  Email marketing has the highest ROI of any digital marketing activity you can do.  So how do you get started and what does it even look like? Why do I need to do Email Marketing?...

Why Does Your Website Need Ongoing Care

 You just got your website completed and it’s looking wonderful.  You’re thinking, “Now my website will just run itself.”  That’s not entirely true.  Or maybe you’re thinking, “Why are they charging so much for hosting and domains, I can do it at [insert company] for...

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